The big list of streaming deals

Back in the old days of cable, keeping your TV bill in check required routine calls to customer service, followed by desperate pleas for a lower rate and/or threats to cancel your service.

With streaming TV, things work a bit differently. While you can’t call up Netflix or HBO to ask for a lower price, you can often snag discounts on streaming services if you know where to look.

In this guide, I’ve done the legwork of finding all the best streaming service deals, so you can save money on Paramount+, Peacock Premium, Netflix, the Disney bundle, and more. Keep an eye on this page for the latest discounts, and subscribe to my Cord Cutter Weekly newsletter to make sure you never miss an update.

I do not collect a sales commission or affiliate fee from any of the links below. My goal is to help you save money, not to have you needlessly spend more of it, so I only recommend deals that are truly worth your attention.

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Streaming service deals

These deals are up to date as of May 19, 2023, and I’ll do my best to refresh this information over time. If you spot an error, please let me know.

If you can’t take advantage of a “new subscribers only” deal because you’ve signed up before, consider using a masked or secondary email address to sign up again. You can also set up a limited-use credit card so you don’t get auto-billed at regular price after the promo period.

Paramount+ and Showtime instructions: This deal is a bit complicated to activate, so here are the specific steps to get a month of both services for free:

  • Head to the Paramount+ website.
  • If you’ve subscribed to Paramount+ before, sign out of your account.
  • Click the “Try it Free” button on the home page.
  • On the plan selection page, click the “Monthly” tab before choosing a plan. (Premium plans work.)
  • On the next page, select “Get the Bundle” to add Showtime.
  • Use any of these codes: DRAGRACE, STALLONE, and WYNONNA.
  • Confirm that “Today’s total” shows $0.00. You’ll only see confirmation of the one-month trial after you’ve signed up.

Streaming device deals

Streaming deals from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T

If you haven’t claimed any free or discounted streaming video services from your wireless carrier, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Select one of the carriers below to see what deals you can get.

(Note: This section is based on an article I originally wrote for TechHive.)

  • Save $5 per month on the Disney bundle with new MyPlan offerings, or save $7 per month on an Apple One subscription.

The Disney bundle ($15-per-month value):

  • Free with “Get More Unlimited” and “Play More Unlimited” plans
  • Includes Disney+ (no ads), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ (with ads).
  • Upgradeable to ad-free Hulu for $6 per month, but not to Hulu + Live TV
  • Redeem through the My Verizon website
  • Get More and Play More Unlimited are no longer available for new Verizon subscribers, but existing customers can still redeem this offer.

Apple TV+ ($5-per-month value):

  • Free with “One Unlimited” plan. (Also includes Apple Music, Arcade, and iCloud+)
  • Apple One Unlimited is no longer available for new Verizon subscribers, but existing customers can still redeem this offer.

Not sure which Verizon plan you have? You can check by logging into Verizon’s My Plan page.

MLB TV for free (T-Mobile only):

Netflix for free (T-Mobile only):

  • Basic (SD video, one stream, $10-per-month value) with single-line “Magenta Max” or multi-line “Magenta” plans
  • Standard (HD video, two streams, $15.49-per-month value) with multi-line “Magenta Max” or legacy “One Plus” plans
  • Can be upgraded to higher Netflix tiers at a discount
  • See T-Mobile’s website for instructions on how to redeem

Hulu on-demand for free (Sprint only, $7-per-month value):

Apple TV+ for free ($7-per-month value):

  • Available with T-Mobile Magenta Max and Sprint Max plans
  • Magenta and Sprint one plans get six months instead
  • Redeem through T-Mobile or Sprint

Philo discounts:

One year of Vix+ (T-Mobile only, $84 value)

AT&T has stopped offering free HBO Max with its current wireless plans, but if you have an older AT&T unlimited data plan, you may still be able to get HBO Max at no charge.

The following AT&T plans are currently eligible for HBO Max as of this writing:

  • Unlimited Elite
  • Unlimited Plus and Plus Enhanced
  • Unlimited Choice, Choice II, and Choice Enhanced
  • Unlimited &More Premium

To see which plan you have, you can sign into AT&T’s plan management page.

Assuming you’re eligible, choose “Sign in through TV or mobile provider” when logging into the HBO Max app, then select AT&T as your provider and enter your account ID and password. AT&T has more detailed instructions on its website.

Some prepaid carriers offer free streaming services as well. Here’s a quick rundown:

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