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This week on TechHive: An ad-skipping browser extension

One thing I’ve discussed lately is returning to a scrappier kind of cord cutting, which seeks to wrest some leverage away from increasingly consumer-hostile streaming services.

To that end, consider the computer. While you might not think of a laptop or desktop PC as the best place to watch TV, your computer has all kinds of powers that a streaming box does not, including tools that can skip commercials in ad-supported streaming services.

I’ve been playing with one such browser extension called Multi Skipper, which can automatically fast forward through ad breaks on sites like Hulu, Netflix, Pluto, and Peacock. It’s free, it’s easier to use than PlayOn’s streaming DVR software, and it mostly works, the main catch being the extra hoops you must jump through to watch on an actual television.

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Weekly rewind

Paramount+ price hike: Paramount+ is joining most of its rivals of late in raising prices. These will take effect on August 20 for new subscribers and by September 20 for existing ones:

  • Paramount+ Essentials (with ads): $6 → $8 per month
  • Paramount+ with Showtime (no ads): $12 → $13 per month

If you’re hanging into a legacy Limited Commercial plan (which has ads but includes a local CBS feed), that price is also rising to $8 per month. Annual pricing will stay unchanged at $60 per year for Essentials and $120 per year with Showtime.

The good news: We’ve still got Paramount+ promo codes, so new and returning subscribers can get a month of free with promo code V5Z82W750Z. Or if you’d rather play it safe and lock in a longer-term discount, you can use this link to get one year of Paramount+ with Showtime for $60.

Dish bundles Netflix: You might be paying too much for TV with Dish Network, but at least you’ll also be able to bundle Netflix (with ads) at no extra charge. The catch? You’ll need to sign a fresh two-year commitment to get the offer. In exchange, you’ll get $7 in monthly bill credits, and can upgrade to Netflix’s ad-free or 4K tiers by paying the difference in price. See Dish’s website for details.

More catch-up

Save more money

The arthouse movie streaming service Mubi is currently offering a three-month free trial for new and returning subscribers. It does require a credit card to sign up, and according to the folks at Slickdeals, it’s the rare service that cuts off access immediately if you cancel during the trial period. Consider using a virtual card with spending limits to maximize your trial without worries.

Other notable deals:

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