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This week on TechHive: This app offers cancellation advice

While plenty of apps can tell you which streaming services you need, a new iOS app called Seasons can help determine which ones you don’t.

Like other what-to-watch apps, such as JustWatch and Reelgood, Seasons lets you search for shows, see where they’re available to stream, and save them to a watchlist for future reference. The difference is that Seasons can tell you when to sign up for each service and when to cancel, based on when new episodes from your watchlist are available.

Seasons launched on the iPhone and iPad at the beginning of June, and it’s clearly a work in progress. The core idea, though, is one that’s long overdue and sorely needed in today’s streaming landscape.

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I’ve also got a couple other stories that ran on TechHive during my vacation last week:

  • The best Apple TV setup: Bypass the TV app, but leave it in the first spot on your app grid, so you still get the “Up Next” row. This is the way.
  • Roku Voice Remote Pro (2nd-gen) review: For $30, it’s a nice upgrade for cheaper Roku streaming players and smart TVs, but the Quick Launch button could do a lot more.

Weekly rewind

Apple TV improvements: Apple has a few new features coming to Apple TV, most notably a big expansion to its “Enhance Dialogue” setting. Currently, you can only boost dialog on HomePod and HomePod Mini speakers that are connected to the Apple TV. With tvOS 18, speech enhancement will also work on built-in TV speakers and external sound systems over HDMI-ARC.

Apple TV is also getting smarter about subtitles, for instance showing them automatically when you skip back in a video. It’s a nod to Roku’s Replay button, which rewinds and temporarily enables subtitles when pressed. The new features will arrive with tvOS 18 this fall.

DirecTV Stream’s DVR upgrade: DirecTV Stream is finally removing the 30-episode-per-show limit from its cloud DVR, so you’ll be able to build up a much bigger library of syndicated shows and sporting events. As before, DirecTV Stream’s DVR lets you record an unlimited number of programs, storing them for up to nine months from their air date.

The Streamable reports that it’s a gradual rollout, with only 1% of customers getting it in the first wave. Wider availability should arrive in time for the Olympics.

More catch-up

Save more money

Peacock has decided to cut off its “Stream the Deal” promo, which took $40 off the price of a one-year subscription and was supposed to run through June 30. As a consolation prize, you can use the promo code PEACZL3V0D1 to get one year with ads for $30, or without ads for $90. Still not a bad deal with prices going up in August.

Other notable deals:

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For what might be the first time ever, I took a vacation last week and no major streaming news happened in my absence. Summer slowness is fully upon us, but I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime (including some overdue updates to TechHive’s over-the-air DVR coverage). That said, I’d love to hear your suggestions on what to cover next. Just reply to this email to get in touch.

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