Free Paramount+ is back (for now)

This week on TechHive: The Paramount+ code roller coaster

Let’s start with the good news: The latest code for a free month of Paramount+ is WLASU7. It’s valid for both new and returning subscribers, and you can see step-by-stop redemption instructions on my website.

Until that code popped up last night in the comments section of the Doctor of Credit website, no new codes had been available for a couple weeks. I’d never seen that happen in the four-plus years I’ve been tracking and sharing these codes (dating back to when Paramount+ was still called CBS All Access).

So earlier this week, I wrote a story for TechHive on other Paramount+ savings strategies. None compare to getting the service for free in monthly increments, but they’re worth keeping in mind if this latest code stops working.

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Weekly rewind

Now you’re getting it: I love this New York Times story (non-paywalled version here), about people learning to bounce between streaming services instead of subscribing to them all at once. The story includes plenty of anecdotes from cord cutters, plus a statistic from subscription research firm Antenna: Over the last two years, 29 million people have cancelled three or more streaming services.

Of course, I’ve recommended subscription-hopping for years, and I suspect the trend isn’t all that new. But how many times do we see major publications frame consumers as helpless dupes who can’t resist running up huge streaming bills? For years, we’ve been told that streaming is no cheaper than cable, ignoring the ability to pick and choose individual services (and cancel them at will). It’s nice to see a mainstream outlet acknowledge that folks can vote with their wallets.

New Chromecast inbound? Citing “a source,” 9to5Google reports that a new Chromecast with Google TV 4K is in the works, which is not hugely surprising as the current model is approaching its fourth birthday. The device will likely have a new remote with more buttons along with a faster processor, but we don’t know much else (including when the device will arrive).

Google TV is a solid streaming platform, but Google’s own Chromecast dongles been outdone on value by Walmart’s $20 Onn 4K Streaming Box, which runs the same Google TV software. Just keep the potential hardware refresh in the back of your mind as you consider upgrades for your streaming setup.

Speaking of: I just revamped TechHive’s streaming device buying guide, so check it out if you’re in need of a new dongle or box.

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More catch-up

Save more money

Apple is back with another two-month Apple TV+ trial, available for both new and “qualified returning” subscribers. The trial is redeemable through September 27, which leaves plenty of time to cancel your current subscription and sign back up again if need be.

As before, three-month freebies remain available through Best Buy and Target, and now Xbox owners can also get three-months through the Apple TV app on their gaming consoles. With a bit of patience, you may be able to cycle through these trials indefinitely.

Other notable deals:

Retro gaming in your pocket

This week in my Advisorator tech advice newsletter, I veered off the usual course with a primer on playing classic console games on your phone, inspired by a recent Apple policy change that finally okays retro game emulation. Downloading an emulator app is just the first step.

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